Spoilers: Who Dies In The Boys Season 3 Finale?

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Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' season 3 episode 8


The Friday premiere of 'The Boys' finale is no less dramatic than you would expect, and you certainly did not expect everyone to stay alive and happy, did you? 

While some folks were certainly lucky enough to miraculously escape death (yes, we're pointing at a certain Queen), others were not. 

Having returned to the Vought in order to team up with Homelander and kill Soldier Boy, Black Noir was on a mission to get his revenge. 

But as he was sharpening his sword, he definitely didn't know that he was not going to need it. When Homelander learned that Black Noir knew that Soldier Boy was his father all along, he wondered why he didn't tell him.

Obviously, Black Noir was not able to respond with an essay on that, but Homelander surely was not looking for explanation. Instead, he just tore out his intestines with his bare hand as they were "talking". 

Black Noir's death was a truly unexpected twist. Hardly had everyone wrapped their minds around what just happened, when it was time to cry, as Noir's cartoon characters came to say goodbye to him, promising that he will soon be with God… yeah, yeah, we know.

"My man Black Noir got bodied by 2 generations of supervillains. That's messed up, rest easy, bro."


But we got good news for you as well: Black Noir was the only main character who died in 'The Boys' finale. The rest of the Boys, as well as their superhero allies, have made it, even though things are just getting started. 

Now that Soldier Boy seems to be "back in the box" again, Homelander has made sure that he's got an heir.

And Ryan Butcher is certainly not the type of villain we would want to see next season… but that's a story for another time.

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