New HBO Max crime series 'Tokyo Vice' has premiered.

Here's three reasons why you should watch 'Tokyo Vice' (and one why you actually shouldn't)

#1  'Tokyo Vice' is Michael Mann's first directing credit since 2015

New HBO Max show marks Mann's first directing gig since poorly received 'Blackhat' released way over 7 years ago.

Veteran Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, famous for his role in 2003 'The Last Samurai', shines as strong-willed Tokyo detective, and critics are already hyping his performance as a possible awards contender. 

#2 Ken Watanabe is in it!

Recreating the feel of a certain place in certain time is not a small task, but it seems like 'Tokyo Vice' team earned an A+ for their efforts.

#3 90's Tokyo is carefully and accurately reconstructed

However, why  "Tokyo Vice" still is not great?

At times, 'Tokyo Vice' seems kind of shallow in its depiction of complicated Japanese culture

It's yet another story of a white American in a foreign country

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